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used delta unisaw

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iImay have the opportunity to purchase a used delta unisaw for $300. The saw is 22 years old, single phase, 3 hp motor, 52 inch rip capacity, delta aluminum fence system. This saw has been used in a cabinet shop for the past 20 yrs. The current owner has replaced the arbor bearing and a starter in the motor. I would like to know some of your guys thoughts.

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If it is clean and looks good. And he has done the things he said…sounds like a bargin. I would have bought it for that. Before I bought my new Grizzly…most of the used Uni-saws I found went for about $900
Thanks Don
how do you like the new grizzly?
Sanders…..I love it. I had a used unisaw that I bought at a auction. It had been "Rebulit" HAH !!!! it had been refitted with a 110 volt motor and was wore out from top to bottom….but I bought it at a online auction…so it served me right.

I really wanted a old unisaw or powermatic….(Just like older tools) but everyone I found…seemed like they wanted almost a grand for it…..figured if I was going to pay that much for a used one…might as well buy a new one. And I have been VERY happy with the G0690 Grizzly so far.

But If I had found your deal before I bought a new one….it would be sitting in my shop right now and you would still be looking, lol.

Let us know how it turns out and if you get it.
sounds like a bargain Sanders
The unisaw is a great and durable saw. Until my old shop was destroyed in 2005 I had an old 1947 unisaw and it worked great. I bought it used in 1973 for $250. I wisssh I still had it.
I would jump on it Sanders, I have a restore Unisaw with a 1-1/2 hp motor and its a great saw. Check out my blog.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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