HF + Grizzly + Wynn - combo cyclone (Rating: 5)

Ok First

if you have not bought a dust collector do not do this project instead go ahead and buy the biggest cyclone system you can afford because if you are like me your tools will grow and you collector will become too small

Like many I started with a HF collector and put in the home-aid Thein baffle and a Wynn filter when I first started out

This was good until I got a bigger joiner and more tool but I always hated the bag and the fact that all the chips were going thru the impeller

so like many others seeing people convert the HF collector to the top hat design
or now people buying the super dust deputy or other pre separators

I wanted and needed to upgrade but I did not like any options I had seen others do

so thats when after much debate I found Grizzly G0703P and then found I could by the cyclone part out of this unit for less than the plastic super dust deputy (yea I used a grizzly coupon to save money ) but still this is a metal cyclone for less money

so I guess you can see from the pictures and I am not going to go into assembly but the advantage is I was able to bolt the HF impeller directly too the grizzly cyclone using a piece of plywood as a mount between the two… this is what I did not like about the super dust deputy was the extra hose to the impeller this way I got a much more compact system made of metal

I still have a center tube in the cyclone but that is just a piece of metal duct that is working fine and is easy to remove with one screw

I also cut a hole in the top of the Wynn filter to add a flange and reused the original HF hose

anyway if I had it to do it over again I would just buy a pre-made cyclone system but since what is on the market today was not when I got started I still came out not spending to much extra money for the upgrade and have so far a good working system. This is well worth the time and money spent

I hope this helps someone and I will try to answer any questions but I did not document this well as I went so I only have the finished photo but it still needs a coat of paint