Ridgid - R4512 (Rating: 2)

I have no complaints with this saw. It's a great buy for the money. I've only used it for one project so far so if things change I'll update this. I doubt they will though.

-Enough power for what what just about anyone will do.
-Fence alignment is easy.
-Blade alignment is easy, I think they worked out all the problems there. blade to miter slot is easy…still has other problems noted below
-Mobile base is smooth.
-4" dust collection port.

-none so far, will update if something happens. read update below

For those who are interested I already wrote a long picture filled article about the saw that you can read here.


Well folks, things took a big turn with the new table saw. I checked and checked and checked to make sure I didn't have the trunnion issues associated with this saw. Apparently either I didn't check good enough or something happened after a couple days because I noticed it big time today. When raising the blade the blade will tilt to the right by a few degrees and when lowering it will tilt to the left by a few degrees.

This saw has a boat load of awesome reviews on various sources online and nearly all of the few negative reviews point to this issue. So that tells me I got a lemon.

I contacted Ridgid and they know the exact problem and say it is a bad trunnion that needs to be replaced. My options are to drop the saw off at an Orange store for them to ship it off to be replaced, return it for another one and risk the hour drive each way to see if it has the same problem, or drive to an authorized repair location. Either way I have to make multiple hour long trips to get the problem situated and could possibly be out of a saw for who knows how long while it gets repaired. No thanks. I'm returning the saw this weekend and will be spending more time this go around looking for a replacement.

If they fix this issue permanently I'd give it 5 stars. Pretty good saw if you get a good one. I didn't and I don't want to waste my time making it a good one.