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How To Post A Poll

Navigate to the forum section where you would like to start a poll, and then near the top right of it, click Create post.

Start your post as you usually would, including text and any images you might want to add.

Scroll down to Add a Poll and click to view the options

Enter your poll question and begin to add possible responses. Once you add one poll response, another will open to add multiple choices.

Select how many possible responses members can choose and select any options you want to add, including closing the poll after a certain number of days. Click to Post Thread.
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How To Edit Your Post

Click on the Kebab (three vertical dots) to the far right of the timestamp of your post. Select Edit.

Members have unlimited editing of new posts for the first 24 hours after posting. After that, up to 10 existing posts (older than 24 hours) may be edited per week. Additional editing will be allowed as each of those 10 edits expires every 7 days. Some communities may have custom settings. Please check with your site Admin/Mod Team to verify.
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How To Delete A Post

Only moderators and admins can delete a post. If a thread is deleted, it removes all of the responses, including other members’ posts. Removing a comment (post) when members have already responded impacts the understanding and flow of the discussion. For situations such as duplicate posts, report the post for moderator assistance.
How To Find Your Content

From the navigation, near the upper right-hand corner of the site, click on your avatar to open the drop-down menu and select My Profile.

Click on the number below, Discussions Created, to view discussions you have started.

Alternatively, you can click your avatar near the upper right-hand corner of the site and select Following.

On the Following page, click on My Discussions.
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How To Save (Bookmark) Threads Or Posts

This is an excellent option when you want to save a thread to come back to later. At the bottom of the post, you will see Save. Click on it.

Once you click on Save, you can add any notes to remind yourself and then click to Save.

When you are ready to find the saved bookmarks later, from the navigation, near the upper right-hand corner, click on your avatar to open the drop-down menu and select Bookmarks.
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How To Search The Site

Near the top of the community, you will see a search bar.

Enter a search term or phrase and click enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass.

Search Specific Forum

If you want to search for a specific section, navigate to the forum section before entering your search term in the search bar, and then select this forum.

Search Specific Discussion Thread

If you want to search for a specific discussion thread, navigate to it before entering your search term in the search bar, and then select this thread.

Advanced Search

You can select Advanced Search instead of clicking the magnifying glass after entering the search phrase.

This will allow you to choose to search the titles of specific discussion threads, add the username of the community member who posted it, or even select a particular forum to search from.

Enter your search criteria and click Search at the bottom.

You can also access advanced search by clicking the Kebab (3 vertical dots) near the upper right-hand corner of the site and selecting Advanced Search.
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What Is The Difference Between The Showcase And Gallery?

The Showcase feature is designed for members to showcase any items/projects a community member is working on. It includes uploaded images, text descriptions, and custom content. By contrast, a gallery would more resemble a photo album.
How to Create A Showcase

From the navigation, near the upper right-hand corner, click the Kebab (3 vertical dots) to open the drop-down menu and select Showcase.

From the Showcase page, click on Add item in the right-hand corner.

A popup will appear at the top. Click on Showcase.

A form will open for you to fill in the blanks, such as title, tags, general information, etc.

Scroll down to General Information to add content and images like you would for writing a post. The first image added will be the cover photo.

Add any additional item details, and click Preview or Save at the bottom.

If you want to make any changes, including choosing a different cover photo from the images you added, you can do so by editing your showcase.
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How To Edit Your Showcase

To edit a Showcase, click on your Avatar in the top right-hand corner and select My Showcase.

Click on the title or image of the Showcase that you want to edit.

Once your Showcase opens, scroll down. Above Comments, click on the Kebab (3 vertical dots).

From the drop-down menu that opens, select Edit item.

From here, you will be brought to the editor used to create the Showcase, and you will be able to make changes or add content as needed. Before clicking Save at the bottom, you can add a checkmark to post as an update if you are working on an ongoing Showcase. This will alert any followers to any updates you make to your Showcase projects.

If you want to change the Showcase's cover photo, click the Kebab (3 vertical dots) again.

From the drop-down menu that opens, select Set cover image.

A popup will display the images within your showcase.

Select the image you want as your Showcase cover by clicking on the white dot in the same panel as the image you want. Once it is selected, it will turn blue, and you can click save.
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How To Add A Gallery

Click on the Kebab (3 vertical dots) near the upper-right-hand corner of the community. Click Gallery.

From the Gallery page, click on Your albums.

Near the top right of the page, click on Add media.

A popup will open. Click on Create personal album.

First, add a title to your album and a description. Now it is time to click Upload file.

Once you have uploaded your file, add some information for the image.

When you are done, click Save.

When you need to add to your album, click on Gallery from the drop-down menu below the Kebab (3 vertical dots) dots in the right-hand corner of the site again.

Click on Your albums from the left-side navigation. Then click on your album.

Once you click the specific album of your choice, click on Add media to upload the new images.

You can also update privacy options when you click on a specific album.

Click Save when you are done.
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How To Create A Signature

Your signature can include up to 4 lines with a maximum of 1000 characters and one external link. An image counts as a line. Therefore, anytime you hit enter on your keyboard, it will automatically go to a new line. Images will automatically be resized as a thumbnail but can be clicked to view a larger image.

Both guests and members can view signatures.

You can see more options in your settings to collapse signatures, view full signatures, or not see signatures at all. The choice is yours.

If members have their preferences set to default, they will see collapsed signatures, as in the example below. (Click the down arrow to view full signature.)

If a member has preferences set to show expanded signatures, it will look like the example below. The image can be clicked to increase its size for a better view.

If you want to adjust your preferences for signatures, you can click on your avatar near the right-hand corner of the site and select account settings.

In the left side navigation, you will see an option for preferences. Click it.

Scroll down to Content options and select your signature preferences. Click Save at the bottom.
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How To Link (Permalink) To Specific Posts

When you need the URL for a specific post, click on the post number. This will automatically add a link to the post in your browser’s address bar. Then, you can copy and paste it wherever you need it.

Another option would be to click on the Share button to the bottom right of the post.

A link will pop up that you can use to copy and paste wherever you need it.
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A colored dot on your avatar near the upper right-hand corner of the site indicates that you have alerts or new conversations (private messages). When you click on your avatar, you will see a number next to Alerts and/or Conversations, indicating how many new ones you have. Click on each to view them.

You can adjust your settings for alerts by selecting Account Settings.

Then click Preferences from the left side navigation on the new page.

Scroll to Receive a notification when someone…

Add checkmarks for any Alerts you want to receive.

For email alerts, scroll to Content options and adjust your settings.

Click Save at the bottom if you make any changes.
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Push Notifications

The community offers to push notifications if your browser's permissions allow it. You may see a popup in the community allowing you to enable these permissions for the site.

You can also enable/disable push notifications by clicking on your avatar near the upper right-hand corner of the site and selecting Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

You will now see left-side navigation. Select Preferences.

Scroll down to Push Notifications to set your preferences.
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Who’s Online?

When you read a discussion, you will see a green dot next to the name of those online.

If you want to see everyone currently online (depending on their privacy settings), you can find this information on the Members page.

Click on the Kebab (3 vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Then, within the drop-down menu, select Members.

This will bring you to the Members page with left-side navigation, including Online Members.

You can also search to find a member or view the newest members.
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How To Report a Post

Click on the Kebab (3 vertical dots) to the far right of the time stamp.

Select Report from the drop-down.

Add your reason for the report to the popup and click Report when you are done.
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How Do I Become a Premium Member?
Becoming a Premium Member helps to support the community. If you are interested in the benefits of Premium Membership, you can read about them and purchase your membership here.

Premium Feature: Focused Reading Mode
Premium membership offers a Focused Reading Mode option to hide the right sidebar column. Follow the steps below.

Click on your avatar near the upper right corner of the site and select Account Settings.

On the Account Settings page, select Preferences from the left side navigation.

Scroll down to Focused Reading Mode. Add a checkmark and save your changes at the bottom.

How Do I Cancel My Premium Membership?
Members can cancel their membership at any time. Members who cancel will retain their Premium Membership until their subscription year has expired. Contact Us to cancel your Premium subscription.

Will My Previous Lifetime Membership Carry Over?
Yes. Any members who were previously Lifetime Premium members will now have the new Premium Membership experience (and will receive those benefits for their lifetime). New Lifetime Memberships are no longer available on the new platform.

What If I Paid More Than the Current Price for Membership?
Your current subscription will continue to be billed at the current rate unless you cancel it and then re-subscribe to receive the current lower rate.
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Marketplace FAQs

The Marketplace is an advanced feature to make classified listings within the Marketplace section of the forum. It is designed around increasing the confidence of both buyers and sellers.

Click on the Kebab menu (three vertical dots) near the upper right-hand corner of the community and select Marketplace.

To get started, click Create Listing.

Select the appropriate Listing Type

Then, you select the appropriate Marketplace section using the drop-down menu.

Enter your listing Title, add your Price and use the drop-down menu to select your currency. Setting your location is optional, but it will help other community members know where your listing is located.

Click the Upload Images button to add the cover photo for your listing.

Once you have added your cover photo, you can add more information and additional images in the content area of your listing.

Once you have previewed your listing and are satisfied, click Post Listing.

Your listing will now display within the Marketplace and your chosen Marketplace category.

Marking Items as Sold

You can now directly mark the item as sold, bought, or traded on the listing. This will help any viewers in the future know the status of your listing right away. You will be able to revert back to active status if needed.

A Home for Marketplace Listings

This feature offers a consolidated view of all the listings within the community.

It also offers advanced filters and sorting capabilities.

Marketplace Rating

A reputation system allows buyers and sellers to rate, comment, and review each other based on their experiences in the marketplace. This is a part of our efforts to help build credibility for buyers and sellers on the site. If you are the listing owner, you need to mark the listing as sold prior to reviews being available.

You can find these reviews on the listing itself. This is currently only available on the listings created within the Marketplace feature.

You can find your ratings on your user profile page.

Alternative Method For Starting Your Listing

If you prefer, you can navigate directly to the relevant classified forum of your choice and begin your new listing there.
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