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I'm not sure that I understand your design. You want to cut a series of 3/8" slots into the top surface of your board. These slots will be 3/8" deep into a 3/4" thick board?? Then on the underside, you want to cut a series of 1/2" slots centered on the top slots. This is where I am confused. When you cut the bottom slots, you will be cutting through the remaining thickness of the board, will you not? Or will these 1/2" slots be shallower than the remaining thickness of the board?

As to cutting them, why not use the the CNC router to do it? Centering the bottom slots on the top would be no problem using the CNC software.

Another thought would be to cut only T slots in the top. You could run your nuts in the slots, without needing any slots cut in from the bottom of the board.
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