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Unifence Rail Swap

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I have a 52" black unifence rail and would perfer something shorter, I thought I would see if anyone wanted to work out a trade before I cut it down.

I also have an extra unifence head if anyone is interested.


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I would be interested but not sure what sort of shipping would be involved. I would also be interested in your extra unifence head. My unifence head has a broken part I needed to weld. It works but not as well as before the break. My rails are the shorter rails, I think for a 30" cut.

We live in San Antonio and would pay shipping if it is reasonable, which I guess depends on where you are located at. Let me know as I would have interest. Thanks
Guys, I shipped by freight truck from SW Oklahoma to the Dallas TX area. It was X-braces for scaffolding. I had 6 braces and they weighed about 65 lbs. I think. I banded them with metal banding and they wrapped them with cellephane wrap. It cost $48 for that. I don't know. Wouldn't want to get that warped. I was told later I should have put a 1×6 on each side of the braces so they would be easier to band. Might help keep them straight. I think this was as good as shipping UPS and cheaper too.
I am located near Cincinnati Ohio, I could look into shipping, but I would imagine it might be pricy.
Weigh the parts you are shipping and they can give you an estimate. That doesn't cost much. I just found freight much cheaper than UPS or USPS and the driving is the same for me. The packaging was reasonable since my local lumber yard bundled those for me at no charge. How could I go wrong. With handling by each of these folks being what it is (rough) I went this way. Of course my stuff was not as prescision as yours. I just had a group here working and they left with their braces still in our garage. They were in a panic and wanted to know how to get them to their place. Gasoline was higher than shipping and I didn't mind packing them soooo…......
It looks like a 100+ shipping to San Antonio, so that might be a little steep. I will give it a bit longer in case anyone is looking to trade.
I am looking to swap my short 30" unifence rail for the longer version. But being located in Houston, I have the same shipping issue as Jerry.
I currently have a Delta Unifence and the long 52" rail for sale locally on Craigslist for local pickup only. What would the shipping charges be on these if I shipped them out UPS?
Thanks for looking into the shipping. Hopefully u find a great trading partner.
I have the 30" version, in perfect shape, if you still have the 52". I am in Indiana and can work out pickup or meeting if you still have it. Please let me know. Thanks. John Percifield 765/427 9378
Thanks for writing, I ended up just building a router table onto the side of the saw to make up for the longer rail, I wish we would have been able to work this put a couple months ago, because it is much ear bigger than I needed. I will keep your contact info in case I change my mind and pull the table off.
After two years I have decided I need to cut down on space in my shop, thought I would see if anyone out there wanted to trade the 32" for my 52" fence. Let me know.
I have a 32" rail that I may be up for trading. I'll send you a PM.
Sorry for getting back to you late, I found someone local to swap with…thanks.
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