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Unhappy about Woodworkers Guild of America

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About 3 weeks ago, I received a DVD entitled Essential Woodworking Techniques, in the mail from Woodworkers Guild of America. I didn't order this DVD, and I have no idea why I received it. I have never signed up for anything from their website, don't have any subscriptions to any woodworking publications and I don't know how they even got my name or address unless some online company where I bought a tool sold my name to them. I haven't even watched the DVD. I put it in my library of DVD's and forgot about it. Yesterday, I received correspondence from them requesting that I either pay $13.95 to keep the DVD or return it in the product return envelope that came with the DVD which was tossed in the garbage along with all of the other envelopes, advertisements etc. that came with it by my wife as she thought it was garbage. I'm inclined to just ignore their request because I didn't ask for it in the first place and to return it will now cost me shipping charges because I don't have the return envelope. What would you do?
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I am deslexic and spelling and grammer were hard to master. ( still).

When doing essays or proposals. I get my wife or a friend to proof read.

So when I read something from a pro writer and it is full of typo's. Run on sentences etc. I truly doubt the ability of the writer.

Some of this digital media is dumbing people down. But you still have to make it readable.

It check out the site.

Happy Holidays
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