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I got one of these DVD's a while back. Kept getting letters about how I either need to pay or send it back. Ignored them all since it was unsolicited. After a few months I stopped hearing from them and never got any nasty collections letters or anything of that sort. I check my credit report a couple times a year as well and I never saw anything there either.

My advice? Ignore the solicitations. I wouldn't even spend any time sendig them a letter saying you never ordered. The solicitations will stop and they have absolutely zero legal grounds for dinging your credit report.

If anyone out there dislikes these garbage solicitations as much as I do, you should do what, ahem, a friend of mine (yeah, we'll go with that) does and just send the return envelopes back with a bunch of trash from other mailers. Just make sure there's nothing on the envelope or any other soliciation that could trace it back to you. Occasionally "my friend" will see a barcode on the back of the envelope. Those just get tossed.
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