ALLOCACOC - PowerCube Extended | Remote (Rating: 5)

Boy and Girls,

Many claim that time is free, however, my claim is that time is precious and I will sacrifice shekels to make life easier and hoard whatever time I can muster up… even at a micro level time saving.

So I'm always on the lookout for time saving devices… that statement itself is an oxymoron… ya moron (me)!

I have a swag of remote controlled power adapters… be they power points or boards, ranging from foot operated,
Automotive tire Wood Gas Electrical wiring Flooring

some cradled for hand operation

or can be floored for foot operation, but still umbilically attached,


with the remote precariously dangling from my top shirt/animal-nightie pocket…
or voice activated.

Was pissed with the way I had to operate my Fe$tool VAC$Y$

so I started to surf the NET for another of my existing foot controlled unit and blundered across this PowerCube... (yay the reviewed item),

Unpacked it to find it was packaged with a mounting attachment,

which clips over one of the outlets sockets,

reducing its availability.

For my setup, I have only temporarily clamped the cube in place,

however, if you bring the cube withing reach using the mounting plate, it has a large switch on the cube to permit toggling by hand.

The remote I attached using double sided tape (on the back of the remote) to the vacuum release foot lever housing of the VAC$Y$,

In all fairness, the way I use this PowerCube, renders it as a one trick pony and is solely used to control my VAC$Y$... rendering the 3 other outlets redundant (2 if mounted using the supplied plate).
Please don't get unnecessarily coerced into buying a VACSYS and also feel free to use the remaining outlets for different tools.
Other options/remotes may be cheaper, however, I find this the most convenient… at least for this setup.

Apparently the remote is battery-less, so if the unit lasts (past warranty), you'll never need to look for a replacement battery… and/or amuse yourself for hours unsuccessfully looking for the battery holder.

If you decide to buy one/some, watch what your ordering… some models come with USB sockets and no remote.

Furthermore, you can incestualise them by making one remote operate many Cubes or many remotes one Cube... Damned if I know why you'd wana do something stupid like that, but it's nice to know you can if you're twisted enough… and to think, you could use the remote from a straitjacket.

PS. It's Dutch design… though probably made in China!

Keep safe, jocks... and your jocks, safe!