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Two Excellent Wood Bodied Hand Planes

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I am clearing out some of my excess tools, so I am listing two of my 100+ year old wood bodied hand planes.

#1 is a perfect moving fillister by Ohio Tool Co.. The body is free of cracks or checks, the movable fence has a small chip off the two corners nearest the stock, the iron is in excellent shape, and has been honed mirror bright and razor sharp. There is a nice knicker that is dovetailed into the right side, and a brass depth stop beside it. The plane works wonderfully, and is great for cutting rabbets either with or across the grain. Asking price is $75, plus $15 for Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.. Out of country, inquire and I will get a ship cost for you.
#2 is a nice 5/8 inch dado plane. Complete with a cap iron and knicker, there is only a minor crack in the body near the top wedge hole. The blade is sharp, and honed to a mirror finish. There is no makers mark, so this may be a shop made tool. A good way to cut a cross grain dado using a single tool. I am asking $50 for this fine plane. Shipping rates apply as above, note that if you want both planes it will be only one ship charge.
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