Kirschen (Two Cherries) - Two cherries Bevel edge chisels (Rating: 4)

I have had these chisels now for over a year. It was my first set so I have little to compare. On the picture there are only 3 chisels but I have three others. I don't use the big chisels as I find them awkward to use. I have used the chisels a lot and enjoy working with them.
It took me 20 minutes to flatten the back, first sandpaper, then diamond stones, then auto polish on MDF. I sharpen them on diamond stones and then on a leather strop with flex cut gold (paul sellers method). I never use a grinder as I have none. I also don't no the bevel angle as I sharpen free hand.
They take a keen edge and keep it long. I can chop two or three mortises before I have to re-sharpen. The edge retention is however comparable to the wooden chisel which I rescued from my father who used it as a paint opener.
The chisels are nice and long which make it easier to judge if your perpinducular. The handels are large and very comfortable only a tad ugly.
The sides are a little bit thick but no problems here with dovetails.
I know nothing about which steel is used but they do rust.
I would definitely buy them again. They are reasonably priced and I think they will last me a lifetime. I only think that 4 chisel would have been sufficient.
I gave it 4 stars because the sides are a bit thick and the handles will never win a beauty contest.