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turquoise inlay practice and Deft test

I've been learning to inlay crushed turquoise and have had some problems with the CA glue staining the adjacent wood. I read somewhere that a turner used Deft to protect the surrounding wood during his inlay. It works great and I'll use it from now forward.

1. Applied two coats of Deft acrylic.
2. Cut the groove
3. Fill groove with medium then fine stone
4. Apply thin CA, then medium CA. I was purposeful on this test to splash some CA glue and add a large drop on the Deft protected wood.
5. Chisel, then sand until the surface is flat and the acrylic is gone.

In the pictures you can see that the acrylic did protect the wood from CA.

Table Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor

Table Rectangle Wood Varnish Hardwood

Wood Rectangle Wooden block Hardwood Varnish

Brown Wood Rectangle Natural material Wood stain

Brown Rectangle Wood Beige Wood stain

Wood Natural material Wood stain Rectangle Nail

Rectangle Grey Wood Hardwood Font

Outerwear Wood Beige Rectangle Grey


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