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Oak and cherry oven rack pullers

Hello everyone! I wanted to share another item that I have been turning on my lathe. How many times have you are your significant other opened up the stove to check that roast or turkey baisting in the oven, only to be met by a burst of 475 degree heat in the face. Not fun, is it? Well, this is my solution to that problem.

The top oven rack puller is what I call my commercial grade. It is longer and thicker than the other two. If you grab the rack from underneath you can support the weight of that twenty plus turkey while pulling the rack out . Here is a closer look at the handle:

And the business end:

Now for the other two:

This style is preferred by my wife, because it has a notch on the end that helps when pushing the rack back in:

The finish is several coats of shellac. I made the grooves with my bandsaw and finished them with a round file.
Interesting idea, Mark. Doesn't the shellac burn when place on a hot rack?
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