Veritas - Scraping Plane (Rating: 5)

Some months ago I was given a Veritas scraping plane as a present. As is almost always the case with Veritas this tool worked right from the box. As I'd no real project to test it on I spend some time trying to work out how to get it tuned and working really well. Despite the comprehensive intstructions I struggled to get it to cut cleanly until I did away with the 'hook' on the blade.

With the back of the blade lapped and polished and a good finish to the 45 degree bevel first from a 400 grade and then a 2000 grade waterstone, just setting the plane up on a flat plate with a 5 degree angle to the blade (with a small bow to stop scoring) works really well. Tested on some very curly cherry before using it on Honduran mahogony board with cross banded inlays. Brilliant. Perhaps with a bit more practice I'll get the hook right, but for now NO HOOK works fine.

Another brilliant Veritas addition to my growing stok of their fine tools.