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cutting board finish,yep, the total concept of "food safe " is a hype pure and simple, in years past the metal driers in finishes contained lead, definately unsafe, today the driers do NOT contain lead, fact is there is no known clear finish that is harmful ,once it has cured and driers cure it,with exception to shellac ,none of them will ever return to a liquid state, thus not be a digestable concern, shellac is actually used for "time released medicine's", as it dissolves slowly and actually dissolves in the intestines thus the time release.General finish has a Salad bowl finish that actually works, it is actually blo with some good resins and driers to actually protect and seal wood,the typical "food safe " stuff is mineral oil, which does nothing to protect the wood ,but remains wet so it makes it look good, its just that it doesnt go rancid,so its safe ,it is sold at the drug store as a laxitive, in a class one time i took a big swig to demonstrate my point, wouldnt suggest that, it works for its intended purpose but for wood it isnt a good choice, i was absent from class numerous times for the balance of the day!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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