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dag gum it, I've always thought that mineral oil was the end all on the topic of cutting boards. So now, let me recap.

Mineral oil = ok - but leeches and needs reapplied. Will go rancid and if swallowed in great gallops in class - makes you go and go and go and go.

Walnut oil = ok - tastes better than mineral oil. Probably not a good idea to drink straight from the bottle, but probably could.

Someone needs to rap SST on the knuckles (I digress).

Pretty much any finish is ok for a cutting board except shellac because it can be reliquified (is that a word?).

General Salad Bowl Finish is a favorite and probably a no brainer to put this baby to bed.

Steve - I've never understood chemistry. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttt - oh geez sorry - I got a little sleepy there. Whew - ok. so back to chemistry. Really a good article. My brother is sicentist of the USDA and honestly, I can't get by the titles of his papers. He once used the words "potatos" and "bug" together. I felt like I finally understood him. First time in years.

Now back to this finish thing-- with the fact that all these finishes - dry - except that shellac-- does this also mean that walnut oil would probably not cause a problem with those who suffer nut allergies?

Ok - enough questions. Need some answers before SST comes up with anymore tung and cheeck groaners.

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