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Tung Oil for headboard

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Ola! gals& guys. Just finishing my Shinto headboard made of Jotoba (Brazilian cherry). Thinking of tung oil as a finish and would like some feedback and any advice on another finish. Thanks in advance! This website is sooooooooooooooooooooo fantastic!!
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Just my opinion-Make sure you are getting PURE tung oil, and then cut it with mineral spirits. Then use as many coats as it takes to achieve the look you're after. It will provide fine protection for your headboard.
Tbone, thanks for the info. What would be the ratio for cutting the tung oil?
I'm not a fan of tung oil but have used it . It can give a warm finish to your work but takes many coats to accomplish that look with a fair amount of drying time between coats. I would consider a wipe on poly'
ya, id go with a wipe on poly as well,
I'm a big fan of tung oil and use it almost extensively now. However a1jim is most correct in his statement regarding the application of it. Brazilian Cherry has been the only wood I've had trouble with when applying tung oil however. I usually cut my tung oil 50% with mineral spirits for the first application, and it must be completely cured before the next application which can take as long as a week! Those who are more experienced with its' use can speed up the drying process with good results. my next coat will be with tung oil and approx. 25% mineral spirits. Again allowing sufficient time to totally cure. Subsequent coats are just pure tung oil, until you reach the desired sheen. I'm not sure if I can explain clearly what I've experienced in my only set back using tung oil and brazilian cherry, but I'll try. Brazilian Cherry even though it appears to be a dense wood is somewhat open pored, this allowed the tung oil to penetrate and because of the slow drying time allowed some of the oil to cure underneath before curing on top. The result was very tiny yellowing spots on the surface of the wood. The only way they could be removed was to strip with mineral spirits. This has only occurred once and it was with Brazilian Cherry. Good luck with whatever you decide to use!

Ken McGinnis
p.s. I have a sewing cabinet in my projects, that is Brazilian Cherry and Canarywood which was finished with about 6 coats of tung oil.
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Thanks to all for the input. I'm a little nervous regarding the tung oil process since I,m a novice at finishing furniture pieces and just may opt out for a wipe on poly and i,m thinking a satin finish as opposed to gloss. Any recommendations as to brands?
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