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For those who are not familiar with the product, here is a link:


So here goes my review and final conclusion on Ed Bennett's TS-Aligner. The product itself works fairly well but I cannot speak for the integrity of Ed as a business person. I have been trying to contact Ed for the past 2 months to confirm that he received my TS-Aligner as I had sent it back to him for re-calibration. I had exchanged emails with Ed and he had given me permission to send him the TS-Aligner and to include a check for $10 and he would re-calibrate the unit.

I have still not heard back from Ed. The only positive is that he has not cashed the check as far as I know.

Perhaps I should have known better but I did not see this until I had corresponded with him and gained his permission to send the items back for calibration.


"The waiting list for TS-Aligner products is very long. Please don't ask me how long - answering such questions is a waste of time and makes the wait longer for everyone. I have provided a description of the process below. Each step involves elements that can cause indefinite delays beyond my ability to predict or control. People who have more resources (facilities, labor, funding, inventory, etc.) can easily produce delivery estimates. I can not so please don't ask me to. Call me to find out where I am in the process. Call me with questions about woodworking or machinery. Call me about the weather. Call me to make sure that I didn't die or flee to Canada (living the good life on TS-Aligner money in Saskatchewan!). But, don't call me asking for an estimate on delivery. If you pester me about it, I'm likely to get annoyed with you and give the most definite answer I can: "never". "

Not very professional. "Never"?....

In my last correspondence which was this morning, I asked him to either return my items with or without calibration or to allow me to return the entire unit. Per his website:


"It's always good business to have happy customers. Happy customers generate more business than all the advertising in the world. I only want happy customers. If you don't find one of my products useful or valuable, then the worst possible thing I could do is make you keep it. I don't want unhappy customers. If one of my products makes you unhappy, then I don't want you to end up getting stuck with it. That places a great responsibility on me to ensure that my customers choose my products because they are the best possible choice. So, I must do my best to provide all the information needed to make the right purchase decision. That's why my web site is packed full of detailed documentation. Since the TS-Aligner introduction in 1991, only five customers have asked for (and received) a full refund.
Some might think this makes me an easy mark. I say that they should think again. I've noticed that some people like to "manufacture" issues of dissatisfaction so that they can obtain "freebies", or "consolations" for their "inconvenience". If I do something wrong that causes you trouble, I'll do whatever I can to make it right. If there is something I can do to optimize my product in your application then I'll do whatever I can to make it happen. But, I won't be the victim of what I call "retail terrorism". I won't pay a ransom (freebie) to save the hostage (the sale of my product). I'll sacrifice the hostage (buy back the product) and eliminate the unhappy customer. "

I guess these are just words to Ed.

Thanks for listening and buyer beware but I would stay away from the TS Aligner and not make the same mistake that I did. Besides there are a lot of great competing products and they are delivered in a timely manner with much less attitude. There are also a lot of shop built solutions that are cheap and just as good.