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LowBoy Heavy Duty Trailer

I just love making low boy trailers and being able to put my models on them,
No I am not playing with my models. LOL

Getting started,
Wood Floor Rectangle Wood stain Flooring

Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Wood Tool Wrench

Needed a pop can for size picture.

Table Wood Wheel Floor Flooring

Wood Hardwood Flooring Plywood Wood stain

Gluing up a slab, I clamp a board down so I can glue up the parts one at a time and hold them in place with hand pressure
It's 1/4" thick so clamps would just be a pain and get in the way.
Wood Floor Flooring Hardwood Wood stain

Wood Floor Hardwood Flooring Rectangle

Wood Floor Hardwood Flooring Rectangle

#4 over and out.


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All most there

Just needs some trim mirrors, head light.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Wood

Wheel Tire Bus Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wood Flooring Machine Automotive tire Automotive wheel system

Wheel Tire Vehicle Truck Motor vehicle

Wheel Bus Vehicle Motor vehicle Tire
It certainly looks fab!


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