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Tru-Grip Clamps

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I have been the proud owner of a full set of these clamps for a number of years and was quite surprised to learn that the company producing them is now out of business (hard to believe). Lately these clamps have begun to show some wear and tear, particularly on the plastic handles that serve as cams for clamping up. Now that one of these handles has broken, I am faced with finding a replacement and I am considering shaping it out of aluminum.
Has anyone else had this problem with these units and, if so, how did they deal with it.
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I just (last night) got a set of these from the widow of a cabinet maker.
I think the 'Wood River' brand at Woodcraft is the same thing.
Maybe the parts are interchangable.
I have 2 of each of their 2', 4' and 8' guides. I fortunately was able to get extra small parts for them before they went out of business.
I remember talking with owner a couple of years back and he was hinting at closing down because of the chinese knock offs appearing. It is a shame to see another high quality made in the USA small business close.
Just found this page and am so soooo sad. I have their 48" and was just looking to get another one to help cut down some plywood.

It's a darn shame. I'm happy to pay good price for good products, and this was a good product.

I am amazed that it has been so long since I brought this up and I want to thank all of you who offered their advise and direction. I am also kicking myself for my own (no other word for it) "stupidity". It took a while but, finally, the light went on (it takes a while nowadays) - I was holding a piece of mahogany when I realized I had the solution to my problem in my hand. I fashioned a new handle from the mahogany, pinned it in place and the problem was solved. I made a few extra handles in readiness for others breaking (doesn't happen when you're ready for it) and I am good to go.
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