Rockwell - SoniCrafter (Rating: 4)

Overall this tool is a must have. The product performs all the functions that the infomercial claims and is extremely heavy duty. There a few flaws that the designers of this tool did not take into consideration with heavy use.

Problem 1. The hex head bolt that is used to hold on the blades/cutters/sanders/etc… came loose a few times causing the attachment to bounce around. Second thing with the bolt was that after repeated changes of the attachments the hex head bolt and hex head wrench both stripped out making accessory changes impossible. I took it to the dealer that sold it to me fully expecting to either get a new one or for them to send it into the manufacturer…They did neither, however they grabbed a few easy outs off the shelves and a few drill bits and took me into their shop. Eventually they got the bolt out and told me that they have had some other heavy users of the tool run into the same problem. The solution to fixing the stripped bolt issue was to replace it with a #3 phillips head machine screw with a star washer behind it. Problem solved and I have yet to replace teh screw or for the screw to come loose. I give Kudos to the laumberyard I bought it at because they did not charge for the easy outs or drill bits or the screw and washer for that matter. Kind of off the subject here but for good customer service go to the mom n pop stores for this kind of service because you sure as heck wont get it at Home Depot or Lowes.

Problem 2. The blades are not made of very high quality steel in my opinion. Doing alot of remodeling one will inadvertantly hit a hidden nail or something and the blade is toast. There went a fast $20.00 I know several people who have other brands of this tool and we all have the same complaint about any of the blades. I do wish the blades were universal like most sawz alls or jig saws. But then I guess the companies would be losing revenue now wouldn't they. Fein only uses fein, Ryobi only uses ryob….ect on down the line.

I removed my dust collecter… It just gets in the way and for no more dust than it creates it was just easier for be to blow it away with a quick poof. These tools are extremely accurate as long as you have a steady hand and the ability to rotate the accessories makes getting into tight places much easier. The only one of these tools that even compares to this one is the Fein Mulit-Master. The rest of the brands seem to lack the power and quality which is evident just holding one of the other name brands. I did find an outlet online through an Ebay store that sells the blades for much less than the retail places but have not purchased any to have on hand as of yet. I have been just running to the hardware store whenever I break or damage a blade. I would recommend that weather or not you get one of these or one of the competitors models that you buy it locally or at least make sure you can get replacement accessories close to where you live or you will be waiting on the good ol mail system to get your replacement accessories. One final note LET THE TOOL DO THE WORK and do not force it to go faster, forcing it actually slows it down. Hope this helps.