trend - Air Shield Pro (Rating: 1)

My first review was so convoluted that I decided to remove it . I have included a couple of photos of my work show that I do have some understanding of what is required and should be provided as far as dust protection is concerned .

First off what right does Trend have to call it a PRO? Clearly on page 2 of the instruction manual, the first item under TECHNICAL DATA clearly states QUOTE :

Warning The TREND AIRSHIELD PRO is not a RESPIRATOR nor a NIOSH approved device. Using the power visor against harmful substances may result in sickness or death. This filter will not protect your lungs against harmful vapors or toxic fumes. Misuse may result in sickness or death. For proper use, read instruction manual. Use for: Relief from the bothersome effects of the common nuisance dusts. Provides limited eye and face protection. Users must evaluate their specific eye and face hazards and choose appropriate protective equipment such as safety glasses. DO NOY USE for: Protection from harmful dusts, mists, fumes or vapours. Professional/occupational applications where NIOSH approved respiratory protection is required.

This product is so poorly constructed that it was literally falling apart in my hands. Trend was not receptive to my complaints and refused to refund my money. Without going any further with this review I am at a loss to understand how this unit could be given anything but a 1 star rating considering the above technical data and quality of construction ???