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Raised Panel Bottom

I've done a couple of raised panels now using hand planes. There are a couple of videos if you google raised panel with hand planes. One form Paul Sellers and one from Stumpy and basically they describe the same process.

Unfortunately, I have discovered a couple of issues with this process that I did not care for.

1. The raised panel itself is not cleanly defined.
2. The rabbet used to go into the sides of a frame or box are more wedge shaped and the panel does not seat claenly in the groove.

Here's an example from my prototype.
Brown Rectangle Wood Hardwood Gas

So I decided to try some additional steps and fix these issues.

To start with I laid out the raised panel and scored the lines. I scored the lines with marking knife (Thanks TerryR) and colored in with a pencil so they would show better.
Wood Rectangle Hardwood Flooring Wood stain

Next, I scored the height of the rabbet edge that will fit into the groove.
Wood Wood stain Gas Hardwood Electronic instrument

Using my Stanley 45 with 1/8 cutter set to 1/16 depth
Automotive tire Wood Gas Auto part Machine

I broadened and deepened the score lines on the raised panel. Remember to start with the end grain sections first!
Wood Rectangle Flooring Hardwood Plank

Now the raised panel is clearly defined.
Wood Rectangle Wood stain Font Gas

The next step is to start raising the panel. For this I'm using my 60 1/2 (My Number 3 sucks and I felt that my larger smooth plane would be too large for this operation.) Cut a steep bevel on the end grain side eventually working down to the Rabbet score line
Furniture Table Wood Wood stain Hardwood

Now to make sure that the raised panel stays defined I used my skewed MF 07 (Stanley 140 equivalent) with the side removed. You could also use a shoulder plane, or some other rabbet plane just as well here. This allows the point of the blade to ride right up against the raised section while planing away the waste material. Eventually you work the to bevels into each other.
Wood Metal Fashion accessory Still life photography Pollution

Repeat for the other end grain side. and the 2 long sides. Raised panel mostly complete. It still needs some clean up before finishing, but the hard part is mostly done.
Wood Gas Auto part Engineering Machine

All that remains is to clearly define the rabbet that will slot into the grooves on the box sides.
Back to the 45 I adjusted the fence and depth to approximate a 1/8×1/8 rabbet all around the panel.
Wood Rectangle Gas Transparency Plywood

Here is the completed panel with the planes used.
Wood Gas Machine Metal Automotive lighting

In the next entry I'll use my 45 again to cut the grooves for the box top.
Thanks for this just got myself a 45 now I have another project for it.


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