. - Tools: Working Wood in Eighteenth-Century America (Rating: 5)

Tools: Working Wood in Eighteenth-Century America
By: James M. Gaynor, Nancy L. Hagedorn

ISBN-10: 0879350989
ISBN-13: 978-0879350987

This is a really interesting book telling and illustrating for us the history of woodworking tools in America (and Europe since it was where it came from).
The author's document in a interesting way how the tools were traded, sold and show us selected tools of each period.
It is a orgy of wonderful old tools, tool boxes, tool chest's and paintings, and through all this we get a glimpse of what happened, of the origin and

The book is around 100 pages so it is not a deeply going history book, but it gives you a fine understanding and a base to start from if you are interested in the historic side of wood working or perhaps like I have a soft spot for beautiful old tools full of soul, then I highly recommend it.

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