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Tools still for sale

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I still need to sell some tools, and will probably be selling the ones I DON'T want to sell soon. But I really am hurting right now. My truck payment is almost due and I don't have any money. So here is the list of what I need to part with right now, and have been trying to part with for a long time. Delta 13 spindle line boring machine-$550, Grizzly 18" open end drum sander-$700, Grizzly Dovetail machine-$2000, and a Kreg Pneumatic pocket screw machine-$1800. PM me if you're interested in any of these or need pictures and more info.
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I hope you got what you needed for these.
Mark, I did on the Dovetailer, came up short on the drum and boring machines, and still have the pocket screw machine. The pocket screw machine is now my collateral for my rent. I still don't have a job, and things aren't looking so bueno. My GF pays for food and utilities. I'm not quite sure what we'll do about rent this month. I'm out of things to sell. I guess lifes tough all over.
Hey I hope things improve for you
I'm in the same boat, selling my stuff….good luck!
did you try ebay or craigslist ?

if you have you might want to link them to this blog ….
mate im in the same boat lost my job 2 weeks ago i feel for you mate we are just looking at selling our house before the bank takes it from us i went through my workshop this weekend looking at what i can sell but most of my tools are second hand so not worth much anyway so dont know what to do job would be good right now but i cant see that happening soon but im thinking of you mate

sorry to hear about your unemployment … I looked at your website and you are obviously a professional craftsmen, I'm surprised you are not working your tail off on new construction in California. I thought new construction was still going ok … maybe I'm wrong
I feel you guys. I have barely worked in the last 3 months, and my wife has been unable to work because of her mystery illness. She was out of work for the past 12 weeks, and just a few weeks ago they figured out what was wrong with her. She has just undergone brain surgery this week, and just got fired from her job also. What a blow, but at least she's getting better each day. She's got another 2 months of recovery before she can even think of applying for another job. I am lucky to have family that is willing and able to help us through the tough times. I hope you all the best, and just remember that no matter how bad it gets, nobody can take your talent away from you. If you have the desire, you'll all be woodworking again, as soon as this economy gets rolling again.
Dan, new construction may be booming but after loosing the shop it's near impossible for me to get the work from the contractors. Would you give work to a stable shop with a crew, or to a guy who works alone out of his packed 2 car garage? I also can't afford the insurance required (most Generals require to get additional coverage) workers comp, etc. California and it's restrictions make it hard for a legit shop to stay legit. The state requires you to licensed and bonded, but now each individual city is requiring a seperate business license if you work in their city. It's getting out of control. On top of that I'm not supposed to work out of my garage. So they expect you to be able to jump into a hight $ shop, pay high $ for equipment, pay high $ for licenses, insurance, bonds, etc, then pay high $ for you to live here. WTF? I don't get it. After all the money we spend here to stay going I don't understand why we have the largest Deficit. Doesn't make sense. I swear I had a guy with his hand in my pocket following me around for the last 5 years. He's gone now, and so is all my money.
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