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I decided to just use eBay this time to sell some more tools. It's just a lot easier to keep up with. I have listed a lot of items today. If you go to eBay and search for seller docholladay0820 you will see my listings. Some of you may just find something that would be useful for you.

I addition, I have a lot of tools posted on Photobucket at You can check those out too. Most of those are also listed on eBay so I have to go with the eBay for those items, but there are a few items listed on Photobucket that I haven't listed on eBay just yet.

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Correction. My handle on eBay is docholl0820.
Hi Doc. Nice collection of tools there. Would any of those spokeshaves be suitable for removing bark from logs? I've got some maple and willow pieces that need it removed, and am unsure of the best way to do it.
It took awhile to find you. eBay has changed search criteria again so you have to go to advanced search.

or here: dochollady

I would recommend that you find a drawknife for removing bark. A spoke shave would be more appropriate for the smoothing of the wood after the bark has been removed. A spoke shave might clog too much if used for removing bark

nice toys Doc :) wish I cuold afford the mittersaw … but our costums taxes is crazy :-(

Merry Chrismas
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