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I am selling tools that belonged to a friend. His wife asked me to find good homes for them. I will show pictures, describe the tools. If something interest you I'll post or send pictures to your personal e-mail. There is a lot here.
Wood Tool Cutlery Metalworking hand tool Metal

Old firmer chisels. All in nice condition. The ones that are marked have Sheffield stamps. Sizes 1", 3/4", 5/8" $5.00 each plus shipping. 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", 1/8". $3.00 each plus shipping. If interested I will pick the best of the lot for you. You can trust me.

Tool Wood Automotive design Fashion accessory Table

Bailey 8C patten 1902 nice condition $125.00 plus shipping
Sargent (#6 size) $30.00 plus shpping
Bailey 5 1/2 patten 1910 $75.00 plus shipping (this plane has scratches on the sole, I think they can be lapped out)
Stanley #248, missing the depth gage, 25.00 plus shipping
Stanley England SB4 15.00 plus shipping
Handyman block plane 10.00 plus shipping

Wood Vehicle Engineering Toy Naval architecture

UKN 26" x3"x3" jointer nice condition, maybe Humpreysville iron. 30.00 plus shipping
Union #29 date 1899 Chipped off tote horn 30.00 plus shipping
Keen Kutter 15" nice condition 20.00 plus shipping
Bailey #26 transitional, missing iron and chip breaker 15.00 plus shipping
Bailey #24 transitional, inside mouth area has been reworked 15.00 plus shipping
Coffin 7.5" Glasgow iron, small crack in wedge area 10.00 plus shipping
Coffin 7" Sheffield iron 10.00 plus shipping
Coffin 5" brass sole 5.00 plus shipping

Wood Bag Hardwood Wood stain Art

UNK molding planes. All nice condition. One broken wedge $80.00 plus shipping for the set

Hand tool Tool Nipper Auto part Font

Stanley 80M 25.00 plus shipping
Dunlap spoke shave with iron 10.00 plus shipping
Dunlap looking spoke shave without iron 5.00 plus shipping
UKN spoke shave hoop handle 10.00 plus shipping
Mujingfanu (?) spoke shave 10.00 plus shipping
UKN spoke shave 10.00 plus shipping
UKN spoke shave 10.00 plus shipping

Table Wood Tool Hand tool Hardwood

Rehab planes
Ohio Tool #54 rabbit plane, missing the scribe
A Mathieson & Son plow plane, missing the fence, nice condition
UKN plow plane, complete. crack where metal guide attaches to heal of the plane
40.00 plus shipping set of three.

Table Wood Machine tool Machine Gas

Wall hangers, rehabs or spare parts
A.Mathieson #4 plow. great hardware, diamond shape nuts in fence rails
Mook Ridge & Francis wood fence screws and rails bad shape
Mook ridge and Francis wood fence screws and rails bad shape
UNK missing iron
30.00 plus shipping for the set of four

For Local Pick Up
Laguna 16" HD band saw 1800.00
Jet lathe 16" x 42" 1300.00
Vega lathe duplicator 400.00
Rockwell Lathe 46-111 125.00
Delta Lathe 97 A 98190 75.00
JointAbility edge joiners 90" & 60" (Hawk wood working tools) please make reasonable offer
Veritas steel router table, fence system and router lift. Missing router guide bushings 200.00
DeWalt plate jointer 80.00
PC 1 3/4 hp router 80.00
B&D 1hp router (good old kind) 30.00

Thank you for looking


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The last complete set of chisels was put together. Whats left is as follows:
2, 1", slight bends
1, 3/4"
3, 1/2" slight bends
9, 1/4" width sizes vary

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I will take all three coffins if you still have them..
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