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Tools Etc. for Making Duck Calls

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I am trying to figure out what I need to make some duck calls.I havent ever made one.I have been a bowl turner and a flute maker so I have plenty of tools for this type of stuff.

I have sent a few emails to a couple of suppliers but with sort of sketchy replies or I just havent figured out what I need yet..

I was going to start with a mallard double reed call kit.But I need to know do I need a collet …what size? I guess a mandrel…what is best or easiest one to use? I am just wanting to get the most stuff from one or two places so shipping wont be wasted.

I want to start with a simple wood but will need a piece of cocobolo when i make this one for a friend so I would buy a piece big enough to make several for future use.Im just in thinking mode for now lol. Thanks in advance!
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Nova #6050 jaws, 1 1/2" multi-project / Duck Call jaws. is designed for Duck Calls… The Nova site had these on a deep discount a year ago, for $19.95… That when I got the jaws… The jaws fit the Nova chucks… If you have jaws for your lathe to fit 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" blanks. your good to go.

You don't need a lathe to make them. But, would be quicker. Drill out the center hole to size on a blank (so the "Call" slips into the hole), and carve, file or sand it to shape.

Several suppliers out there like this one
Thanks ! Im good to go for the most part thenIve got the lathe , the duck call jaws and nova chuck that I use to hold 1 1/2" stock for my flutes !! Thanks again!
Sounds like you got it. Here's a good description on Nova's #6050 You can sign up for special alerts and sales. On this site, all prices are normally posted at normal retail prices. When it has a line through the price, then that item, has a discounted price. This site gives free shipping.

Check the 'shop Nova parts tab', scroll down to Refurbished or Sale tab, to check out if any discounts offered.
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