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Why all hand tools? Being small and female, lack of muscle might be frustrating to her.

How about this:

- Jigsaw (the safest power saw)
- Cordless drill
- Mallet
- Screwdrivers
- Chisels (she'll need supervision at first)
- Kreg Jig
- Clamps
- Vise
- Yellow glue
- Block plane
- Cutoff jig for jigsaw
- Shooting jig for block plane
- Drill bits

Teach her the basics of safety by supervising. One can hurt oneself pretty badly with hand tools if one is not careful. (chisels especially) But chisels are as essential as the safety knowledge they require to successful woodworking.

Another advantage is that power tools make it more interesting. Maybe that is just for boys, but maybe not. ;)
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