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I haven't found much in the way of kits, but there are some nice options if you are willing to pick them up one by one.

Vintage hand drills are great if you can find them at garage sales or even on ebay. If you want new, Fiskars makes an interesting little model.

I found a recommendation as well as other info for the Stanley miterbox with saw and built in clamping pegs on and have been happy with that. It keeps little fingers out of the saw.

My son is only two, but whenever possible I try to buy adult tools that are appropriate for him, instead of specific kid tools. I bought an old stanley handyman planefor $5 and took the blade out so he could "use it like daddy does". When he's older, I can put the blade in and he'll have a fully functioning plane. He has a blast with an ordinary rubber mallet. I've seen stubby versions of hammers…. I'm a little on the fence about those. A hack saw makes a good reasonably safe saw for kids to cut dowels.

If you find a good set, I'd like to hear about it.
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