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Veritas Set-Up Blocks

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For the first tool review on I've chosen a one that is by far the of the most often used tools in my shop and one that has raised the accuracy and precision of my work to a new level - Veritas® Set-Up Blocks.

As you may have already found, transferring measurements is a much more accurate method of set up than taking a measurement from a rule.

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This is where the Veritas set-up blocks shine. With the set-up blocks you always have a standard reference for transferring measurements within a project, or from project to project.

The combination of blocks in this set allows for measurements of 1/16" to 4 11/16", in 1/16" increments.


I use the set-up blocks for setting up:

- Rips, cross-cuts and dados on the table saw
- Various set-ups on the router table
- Rips on the bandsaw
- Drill press set-ups, using a fence and stop blocks


Another way I use the Veritas Set-Up Blocks guarantees accurate thicknesses from the planer and especially from the thickness sander.

This is done by first getting close to the final thickness and then slowly working up to the final thickness, checking against the set-up blocks after each pass through the planer or thickness sander.

With each pass place the set-up block next to the stock and feel if they are level with each other. The fingers can detect the unevenness much better than the eye can.

Once the stock and block tops feel perfectly level, I know I've reached the thickness I want.

I highly recommend the Veritas Set-Up blocks, in my shop they are a must-have for every project.


Here is video review, courtesy of the Woodworkers Guild of America:

Veritas Set-Up Block Review

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