Sandvik - 2600 Superior XT Carpenter's Saw (Rating: 5)

What's so special about a saw? I was moved to write this last week when i had occasion to use this baby again, my "tool of last resort". I wanted to change the orientation of tenons on my current project and was dreaming up all of these sophisticated set-ups, involving V-blocks and clamps, when it occurred to me to just cut the things using this saw! And, as always when I use it, I wonder why this tool isn't on my front line of attack. It cuts like a dream! When I bought it (sometime in the "90's) I was chiefly looking simply for a saw with a straight back, that I could use for a straight edge if needed. I didn't really know anything about tooth count or whether it was for ripping or crosscut, I just plain liked the look. And the price! The tag is still on it at $21.99. I checked, and though they've gone up (like everything else), they're still only about $28. It's made in Sweden which also sounded promising at the time. I did a little research on the Sandvik company and read they're big in metal cutting tools, and also make medical replacement parts, pins and screws. Quality stuff!
There's not much to add about such a tool. With a modicum of skill it cuts fast and true. If you ever try one, you'll want one. And if you ever own one, you'll always know where it is, because you'll always want to keep it nearby, just in case. Seriously, I hope I've heaped on enough glowing praise, it deserves it! The kind of tool you'd need if you were marooned on an island! Michael C.