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Hey Everyone
So here are some pic of the "plane Makers Floats" that I made after watching Classic Plane Making Hollows And Rounds With Tod Herrli I picked it up at LV Its great a dvd. I have all my materials and tools ready for plane making I plan On making a full set of hollows and rounds I would Really Really like to learn how to make the kinds of Fillster Plow planes and more complex molding planes that Clark And Williams have for sale. But I cant quirte get my head wraped around alot of it. Does any one know of a good source for finding good information on the more complex planes and also it appears that there is no information out there on making the profiles on the more complex molding plane profiles.

The Edge float i have made here is O-1 tool steel I used a try file to mill the teeth very easy to do and they don't have to be perfect as long as the tips of the theeth are in the same plane. I Heat Treated the tool steel my getting it cherry red and quenching it in Sunflower Oil the heated it up in a toaster oven to Draw a temper. Note- some of the pics are from before the heat treating. it works verry verry well one of the sharpest saws in my shop ANY ONE CAN DO THIS. It really beats the heck out of going to Lee Nelson Tool works. Ill turn a handle and have a 60$ tool.

Thanks for checking it out
Adam Thorpe - Pickering
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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