Rikon - 10-900 (Rating: 5)

This review is going to just skim the surface as a more detailed review is on my blog here. With that said, let me tell you the big things that make this upgrade great.

The new blade guides don't take up anymore room than the originals, but they're many times better. The bearings are 6000 series which is a big step up from the skateboard sized bearings that originally came on the saw. Also, adjusting the bearings is very quick an easy. There is a thumb screw on the front of each bearing that locks the bearings position. So it's a quick quarter turn to unlock and position the bearings and then a quarter turn back to lock the bearing in place.

What's really nice is that when you tighten down the thumb screw, the bearing's location doesn't change unlike the original guide bearings that were held in place with a socket head cap screw. I don't even know how much time was spent positioning the bearings just to have it shift when tightened down by the socket head cap screw. The bearings are also spring loaded which helps to position the bearings more quickly.

The last benefit is probably the biggest. This upgrade makes my blades track much better that the OEM setup due to more surface area to support the blade during the cut. This is especially evident during resawing.

I've embedded (I hope) a video I put together to hopefully give y'all a better picture of this upgrade. If any of y'all have the 10-325 or 10-324 bandsaws I'd really recommend looking into this retrofit.

If this doesn't embed correctly and any of y'all know how to fix it let me know and I'll get things working!