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Too many planer jointers, Makita 2030 available.

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I've accumulated too many planers, jointers, planer jointer combos and I'm scaling back. Just sold my benchtop jointer and loving the extra space and now down to two planer jointer combos and one portable planer.
So I've been hemming and hawing between the Makita 2030 (rollers resurfaced by Western Roller last year) which has seen its share of use but is in excellent shape and the Hitachi F1000A. Because the feed on the Hitachi folds down on the jointer, it won its place in the tight space of the future workshop. Anybody have need for a Makita 2030 workhorse? Blades are sharp and professionally sharpened by Walton's Saw shop in San Rafael, CA. Extra new belt included should it ever need one. I am the second owner and over the past 3 years it has performed perfectly. About to post on Craigslist in the SF Bay Area (it is located in Sonoma County) but wanted anyone here to have a first look or ask any questions.
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I took a look at again, and I'd revise my assessment to say, it works great and looks ok, it is not excellent.
I have two 2030's.. one in use, one in the final stages of restoration. If you were not a few thousand miles away, I'd snap it up :)

Question.. I know the Makita and Hitachi are very similar designs, but have never seen a Hitachi up close and personal. Is the knife setting as easy (or the same) on the Hitachi as on the Makita?


PS: how much are you asking for it?

I was thinking $350 was a fair price.
The blades on the Makita and Hitachi are similar in ease to replace and set.
You can use these tools to help
I have a couple large hard drive actuator magnets that do the same thing for me.
Here's a video replacing blades on the P100F, which is very similar to the F1000A

$350 is an excellent price for a ready to go Makita 2030 with already recovered rollers (about the only thing that goes bad on them); I'm sure you will have no problem selling it. If you were within 500 miles of me, I'd buy it sight unseen. I love the simplicity of setting knives on these machines, and the finish they leave is outstanding compared to a lot of the lunchbox planers I've worked with.

Good luck, although I doubt you will need it :)


PS: would you be interested in selling the belt? I don't have a spare and they are getting harder to find.
I will post pictures in the daylighat asap.
It is 300mm not 320mm.
Here's the Craigslist post.
Hoping to load video Friday afternoon.

You can by both belts (and the recommended planer bearings) for a low price:

I'm going to include the belt with the sale, I realize it is only the feed drive belt.

For your reference when searching Makita Parts for the 2030
Diagram# Makita PN ITEM Description ~cost
20 225043-3 POLY V-BELT 3-285, 2030 $14.40
51 225044-1 POLY V-BELT 9-653, 2030 $89.20

See less See more

FYI a 2040 went up for sale on ebay.
Very nice.

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