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Tonight I finished up my first four half blind dovetails for some drawers I am building. Not to brag, but the sockets I cut for the dovetail sides are a thing of beauty. Smooth, square, even, you know, the entire nine yards of perfect half blind dovetail sockets. Clearly I am a master at this.

Chris Schwarz would be so impressed he would poop a cupcake, Roy Underhill would take his hat off and bow to my overwhelming show of chisel dexterity, Frank Klausz would have hung his saw up in utter futility, Rob Coseman would have shaken his head and walked away muttering, why, why why?

With all this socket goodness, too bad that the workshop gremlin came out and switched my tail boards. Not a single tail board I previously cut really fits the sockets I just cut in the drawer fronts.

This is about the only stuff I can think of that can even come close to closing up the gaps:

Spray foam is the new sign of quality furniture making, right?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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