Infinity - 010-150 Combo Max "Lite" Thin Kerf 50T Saw Blade (Rating: 5)

The 50T Infinity Combomax is the best 50 tooth combination blade I've tried to date. This is an extraordinarily well made blade that uses a unique ATB/R configuration that features a chamfered raker instead of the traditional flat top raker. It has very low tearout for this class of blade, and is particularly good in sheetgoods, while maintaining good ripping abilities due to it's 12° hook.

Any blade that's designed to do multiple tasks has some inherent compromise relative to a comparable quality blade that's designed to do a specific task….there's really not much getting around that. The Combomax does a very nice job ripping and crosscutting hardwoods, softwoods, fine plywood, and manmade materials like melamine and MDF. It excels in versatility and does a surprisingly good job of many cuts in many materials. It's a great blade to leave in the saw for most applications and leaves a clean enough cut for fine furniture and cabinetry without the need to switch blades. The edges are not quite as polished as with a Ridge Carbide TS2000, Infinity Super General, or Forrest WWII, but it easily provides glue ready edges, and has very low occurence of burning. It more than holds it's own against more similar combo blades like the Freud LU84R011, Leitz 50T, DW7150, DW7640, and PC Razor. Relative to a blade intended for a specific task, the 010-150 falls short in the same areas that the venerable Forrest WWII and other top shelf general purpose blades. For instance, thick hardwoods of more 2" are better suited for a more aggressive 18 to 24 tooth specialized ripping blade, though the ripping blade will leave a rougher edge. Given enough power, the Infinity will chomp through those thick materials but it labors the motor more than a good specialized ripper would. The Combomax does a really nice job in crosscuts and sheetgoods too, and in most cases leaves a suitably clean edge, but for the ultimate in glassy smooth polished edges a good dedicated 80 tooth crosscut blade has the upperhand. The downside of the 80T blade is that it won't handle thicker material well, won't rip well, and has more of a tendency to burn woods. The specialized blades lack versatility and have a much narrower useful range, and therefore need to be changed to handle only their specific task to obtain best results.

The Combomax is a very nicely made blade that's not overly expensive and represents very good performance, excellent versatility, excellent quality, and a very good value. It's also available in a full kerf version as the 010-050. It rates 5-stars on sale, and a strong 4-stars even at regular price.