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Depends on what you want to plane.
If it will fit in the space above the screw of the vise then yes.

I thought I might want to plane wider pieces, like doors, so I put the crochet on the exact opposite corner from the one shown in your illustration. Then added an adjustable ledge (shelf) mounted to the legs on that side below the crochet. Inspiiration from "The New Fangled Workbench" from FWW.

One other limitation was that I did not have a leg vise, but instead, a face vise. The face vise would only let me use the crochet for things less than 6" wide so that made no sense.

I have my bench in the middle of the floor where I can access all sides of it and so I tried to set up each side for a different purpose. I have been very happy with this arrangement.

By the way, my crochet is attached to my bench with a 1-1/2" x 6" x 6" tennon buried in the top so it is extremely rigid; another feature I'm glad I incorporated.
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