Titebond - Franklin 2316 Fluorescent Glue (Rating: 5)

(This is from a blog post I did as part of my UV in the Shop series. Since it is a product, I thought I'd add a review for it as well).

Well, who knew that Franklin made a Titebond glue with fluorescent dye added? I sure didn't. But they do!
It's Franklin 2316 Titebond Fluorescent Glue.

I've read countless articles about glue residue and how to expose it. Conventional wisdom is to dampen it with warm water and the color will change. I've used that technique and it works to a degree. I've still had occasions where I was fooled and glue residue reared its ugly head.

With this Titebond II glue with fluorescing dye, you can see the glue residue using a $10 UV flashlight.

Here are some images to show its value:

These are a couple of boards glued up with this glue

Brown Rectangle Wood Flooring Wood stain

It looks just like Titebond II. But with a UV flashlight you see this

Water Purple Violet Electric blue Performing arts

Here is the backside that was laying on the mat and got glue squeeze-out smeared on it

Brown Rectangle Door mat Wood Textile

Looks OK in regular light, but here is the glue residue exposed by the UV light

Purple Rectangle Violet Electric blue Natural landscape

Honestly, in a typical situation, I'd miss that glue residue. But using Titebond II fluorescent with a UV flashlight exposes it.