Forrest - STIF05 5-Inch Saw Blade Dampener and Stiffener with 5/8-Inch Arbor (Rating: 5)

I have been making and repairing my zero clearance inserts way too often. I even have damage to my sleds from the blade vibrating. I also notice that sometimes on a 45º cut the 90º part of the cut is not straight. My table saw is a 5hp Unisaw and I make sure everything is set up correctly.

Rectangle Parallel Font Drawing Slope

I decided to buy the Blade Stiffener from Forrest and I couldn't be happier. I use it with my Forrest Woodworker II thin kerf blade. Actually I use it on all my blades because it makes a difference.

It quieted down the sound of the blade a bit and the cuts are dead straight. I have not had to repair my ZCI's (zero clearance inserts) since and maybe never will.

There are 2 types sold on the web. One has 2 disks (one on either side of the blade) and the Forrest one that is a single disk. I went with the single because using 2 it would move the blade out from it's normal position and all my jigs and sleds would have to be altered.

The only downside is If I need to cut something more than around 2.5" high I have to remove the stiffener because it limits how high the blade can go before it hits the ZCI.