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Tip of a triangle

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I am attempting to remove a wedge from a hunk of walnut (to be replaced with a wedge of yellow heart hopefully). The problem is the table saw blade is not infinitely thin and leaves a bit of a flat top to the wedge. Any thoughts how to get that last little bit out?

If I can't figure this out I will take the edge off the yellow heart but that seems like cheating and will dull the final project if I ever get that far.


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V gouge.
v-groove router bit.
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ja6ke, lining it up to use the v-groove bit may prove problematic, or may not be the right angle. You could try carefully cutting it out with a sharp knife.
Good ideas all. I don't have a v gouge and my router bit is not the same angle as the wedge. For esthetic reasons (or possibly just to make the problem harder than it had to be) I chose 25 degree angle on the table saw. Knife sounds promising…

If I ever get the yellow heart in I plan to turn a shallow bowl which should cause the taper to a point toward the bottom so getting a good fit is a must.
Cut a scraper blade to the right angle and scrape it out.
Might try one of those skinny Jap pull saws. They have almost no kerf.
Take a wide, sharp chisel and rest the backside against one side of the groove. Push down into the bottom then slide the chisel over and repeat. Do this all the way down one side then come back across the opposite side.

That should remove almost all the unwanted wood in there. Just make sure the chisel is sharp so the wood is cut out cleanly.
Another choice is to put a dado at the point perhaps a golden ratio thingy deep enough to make it a new feature. Forget about the triangle. I'm thinking two blade widths on the table saw maybe 3/16" - 1/4" deep. Just a thought
I would just use a chisel or knife. It looks like you don't have to worry about the entire length, just the butt ends that show. You can relieve the pointy tip of the yellow heart and just stop before the ends. Hope that makes sense.
Cut the walnut in half. Chamfer matching edges. Glue two pieces of the contrasting wood to the two chunks of walnut. Plane, join,and fit the two and then re-glue into desired shape.
These are all great suggestions and I plan to try many of them. Given a lack of tools and time I took the easiest/quickest for this first one and changed the angle to 90 deg taking the kerf out of the equation. If the turning part works out at all I will attempt again soon.
Cut it in half and glue it back together. (if you can live with a seam)
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not super happy with my compromise. Too much Yellow Heart unless I make the walls very shallow and then the shallower triangles will all but disappear. Next time I will listen the sage advice given above.


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