Shop Vac - Micro (Rating: 5)

I have been looking for a small, inexpensive vacuum cleaner that I can attach to an orbital spindle sander. My DC and 16 gal vacuum is overkill for this task. Searching through catalogs, I came across this. It is 1 HP, 1 gallon capacity. I read reviews on-line and just about all were 4 and 5 star. On the positive side, suction is powerful for it's diminutive size and it is light. On the negative side, it was loud, the cord and the hose was too short. For less than $40 and free shipping, I took a chance and ordered one on Jan 4th; received a confirmation that it would arrive on the 15th and I received it unexpectedly on Jan 8th. It was delivered by USPS to my door because it wouldn't fit in the mailbox. The box it came in measured 10"x10"x11". At that point, I said to myself; how much of a vacuum cleaner am I getting in such a small box. I was surprised and somewhat apprehensive as I opened the box. The vacuum cleaner itself measured 9-1/2"x8"x9". This has got to be a toy! I let it sit overnight while I gathered my wits as to whether or not to return it. The next day, I plugged it in and wow is all I can say. The suction was powerful and it was very light. I'm thinking it may also be overkill for the purpose I want it for. As mentioned by reviewers, the cord is only 6' long and the hose, only 4' long. The cord length is a minor complaint; I can use an extension cord. The hose being only 4' long is to me a plus as it will be permanently connected to my sander. It comes with a crevice and floor pickup and a wall mounting bracket. The hose is a standard 1-1/4", that makes it great for cleaning off your workbench and machines where a 2-1/2" hose would not get into tight places. I have since found good use of it in my machine shop. I may have to get another 1 or 2. It is loud, but no more so than any other vacuum or DC. Being light, it is convenient to carry around in one hand with the hose in the other. It comes with a 2 year warranty. I don't know how long it will last. I will let you know when or if it fails.