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Thoughts and opinions on Direct Tool Outlet?

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Note: Edited to reflect the tool I actually bought (a router) instead of the tool I didn't buy (a sander).

Have stopped in the many, many times over the years and today, pulled the trigger on a "refurb" Ridgid Palm Router ($60… couldn't say no). Only made one tool other purchase there-a Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw-that I sold two days later in favor of the Craftsman Compact model, but was wondering if anyone had any experiences, positive or negative, to offer on quality, durability, etc.

I know that the stores aren't directly affiliated with the brands themselves, but rather their manufacturer (TTI), which also does some Milwaukee, Stok and Eureka stuff. Not sure what to make of it. They claim its all factory-reconditioned but a lot of the stuff looks pretty … rough, for lack of a better term (I actually got a floor model today), like it was used and returned. Wondering if they actually do any true reconditioning.

And also wary of a company that doesn't allow returns but only in-store credit. Red flags, but couldn't beat $60 for a decent compact router.
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I was in a store in Mrytle Beach, SC this summer, everything looked pretty nice. I would be wary of a return policy that has so little faith in their products. I think if I was buying refurbed I would probably buy online from a company like CPO, that stands behind the tool. I would imagine you did get a 1 year warranty through the manufacturer though.
I have purchased a Ryobi impact driver, two Rigid 3/8 VS Drills, Roybi battery powered leaf blower, Rigid 4" grinder and other misc stuff. I plan on going to the Myrtle Beach store next time I over there. No problems with anything.
I bought my Ridgid floor standing drill press there. Actually wasn't a refurb it was a damaged item. The box was a a little banged up but not bad at all. Works great! Oh and I got it from one of there spend so much get this % off sales. Had to buy a pack of saw blades to make the $ amount and walked out with it for $175. Was a great deal considering Home Depot sold it for $475 at the time. Only great deal I have ever seen there. Now when I go in all i see is refurbed everything.
Yeah, I'll be honest… now that HD has dropped the price to $89, I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse. Especially because on closer examination, the numbers on the guide knobs seem to have worn off-which, as a novice, is still a helpful item-and part of the appeal of Rigid is the warranty which, no surprise, isn't available on reconditioned products (though, the store claims they're reconditioned to "like-new" status… but whatever). Think this may end up on Craigslist or as a Christmas gift to the old man, who is drooling over it already.
Couldn't tell for sure by the post, was it a router or a sander? Wish we had a store around here like that.
Crap. It's a router. That's the third time I called it a sander. Going back to edit now. Sorry about that!
I have bought two 5" RO sanders a 6" RO sander, 13" planer several of the recon 18 volt Ryobi batteries. And I cannot remember what else. So far I have got my money out of the purchases.
ajw, think nothing of it, been there - done that. I'm on a project (now over a year and a half) that I think if I hear of one more impossible thing that I need to do I'm going to get into my truck, drive until it won't go anymore, and stay there for the rest of my life.

Ok, so I won't do that but sometimes I think I could.
I do like the sound of that. Make sure you bring your tools.

And lots of Schlitz.
An update: Purchased Rigid trim router for $79 and Rigid 5" ROS from store in Myrtle Beach last week. The router seems fine. Looked new when I opened box. The sander was obviously used, plugged it in and turned it on. All I got was very slow rotation, by the time I turned it off smoke was coming from motor. Guy in store said I could use any Rigid service center for warranty work. Will try the one in Tucker this week. I hope I did not loose $30 bucks.
Let us know what happens.
I ended up selling the router to the old man. Was going to just buy one new and jump on the HD package deal that included a sheet sander, which has since gone out-of-stock. Debating going back and finding one in better condition but I think I'm done with DTO for a little bit. The 45-day exchange-only policy just screams to me that "we sell crap and know it." I did really like that router, though .
Just wanted to up date my last purchase of a Rigid ROS and Rigid Trim router from Direct Tool in Mrtyle Bach SC.

When I opened the box the sander was in, I knew I got a bad one. The sander was covered in fine dust and just looked untouched. Plugged it in and turned it on, a hum and smoke came from the motor.

I opened the router box and it looked new. Plugged it in and turned on no problem. Well, went to actually use it last night. The collet was missing, the nut was there.

I am going to bring both to a local Rigid authorized service center ans hope they live up to the 1 year warranty.

I have purchased 4 or 5 tools without a problem from this store, next time I have the store guy open the box and test tool right there.
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