Major League Woodworking - Classic Stepstool Project 2 DVD (Rating: 5)

Thomas MacDonald has created his second Video. It's available on his web site for $40.00 (Price change $30.00) and a package deal with DVD #1.

This stool is Shaker inspired and it's presented in the typically Tommy style. He's recording this in real time and because he's working with wood, there are no do-overs. He's showing you how to hand cut dovetails and he tells you not to make a mistake and then he does it and says that's not what you are suppose to do.

At other times he makes a mistake on purpose to show you also what you are not suppose to do. His point is "Try not to make mistakes, but if you do keep on a going.

I told Tommy that I was going to make this stool as part of my review of the dvd, but the cold weather and the cold shop has kept that from occurring.

Since the kitchen cabinets in my house go to the ceiling I would need to make this stool three steps high. And to me 10" to the first step might give my wife a little problem, so I'd make two smaller steps with a stabalizer at the top.

Tommy seems to find some great looking wood for his display pieces and this one is no exception, Some great looking curly Cherry with some sap wood matching on the upper and lower step sides. Very classy.

It doesn't seem to be a hard project to make depending upon your skills of hand cut dovetails.

The piece has Stretchers on the front have a 1/2 Dovetail (which is not half-blind) and the back stretcher has a full dovetail. This helps to lock the sides in.

The DVD comes with the video and also a PDF file of the plans. My estimation is about 8-10 BD Ft of lumber to make the stool. 21" high, 21" wide and 15" deep. That's the approximate measurement.

I thourghly enjoyed the DVD and I believe I'll enjoy making the stool. Probably some Burly Maple for the sides and Ambrosia Maple for the steps.