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This stained glass pattern suited me more than any I have seen. It has lines easy to work with..

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I couldn't decide whether to leave it plain with no color or?
So Did I do wrong or what?
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wow, Jess - that is AWESOME !!!!
That's mighty sweet, I must say. You've done it right! Yes!, to paint.
Amazing details.
Great details, and I think you got the painting right! For a carving like this, I think the wash coat of paint is the way to go.

Great looking with the painting. You might try one with contrasting stains for funsies. I know that might be a lot of work but curious how it would turn out.
You have done a beautiful job, carving and painting, RJ
Ah the realm of pure esthetics. Colored, you have a finished piece of art that rightfully should hang on a wall for it is finely done. The uncolored version is equally compelling, imo, perhaps a more serious look…with a tiny bit of finish, could be set into the side of a cabinet or chest where it would take on a different role, drawing the eye but not overwhelming. No right or wrong here.

Great work!
This is the picture I started with and its in a stained glass catalog thingy.
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Jess - It looks like coloring books might be a source for carving project designs. I have found most of my "ideas" from graphic designs, rather than other people's carvings.
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