ACE - Plastic Rafter Angle Square Item#25861 (Rating: 4)

I went ahead and tested all of my squares for square (I lined them up against a very flat surface, drew a line , flipped them and drew another line; I measured for any difference between the distance between the lines over their length).

The results: surprise, this one actually was square. Over the 7 inches I could not detect any variance. Other squares were longer, other squares were metal, and all but one (which I tossed) was close enough, but only one was actually square.

There are many different reasons why the others were not square, for instance, my pencil line is .02 inches wide. It could be user error, but as I am the user and I managed not to err with the cheap plastic speed square. End result, I use it whenever I can (length and layout permitting).

The reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because it is plastic and inexpensive and therefore doesn't feel like 5 stars. No other reason, and it is arbitrary because inexpensive is good and plastic is good because I know it will not hurt a blade if I leave it too close. No clue why I cannot give it 5 starts except it is just a piece of molded plastic. (Maybe I can give the mold 5 stars….)

Edit: When I posted this the first time I got confused between my 12 inch Johnson (yeah, there is a good joke there) Rafter square and the 7 inch Ace. The 7 inch Ace is the squariest. Sorry for any confusion.