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Asian Inspired Bed

First off, let me say that I started discussion of this project in my blog. I know realize that I should have used this Projects category but at the time I was doing a lot of SketchUp blogging and as things worked out it got posted in my blog just after I began planning it.

The design is an amalgam of several pieces I saw and liked and it is to date the largest single piece I've attempted. I quickly realized that I had underestimated just about every aspect of the project including just how well it would shape up.

Having a real affinity for White Ash when I saw these particular boards I had little doubt about where I would use them. I have no idea when my preference for working with Ash over White Oak came to the forefront, but none the less I do prefer it finding it far less brittle and therefore easier to work. For me it is also far easier to color than Oak although it does, like Cherry, require some care if you want consistently even depth of color.

Anyway, this piece has really emphasized just how spectacular this wood can be and just that aspect alone makes it worth the extra effort for me.

I've now begun applying the first coats of stain and man does this stuff pop! Unfortunately, just as the "curl" of the wood jumps out when it's stained, so do my mistakes. That's ok too though, I'll just re-sand and do it again, I'm in no hurry.

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