Lie-Nielsen - "Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design" w/ George Walker (Rating: 5)

I'm about finished making my TV stand. During the construction of the top, I thought there must be some formula to determine the overhang of the top. When I asked this question on LJ, I received a variety of answers but nothing with a formula.

Since asking this question and designing my TV stand I came across a DVD produced by Lie-Nielsen called Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design. It discusses the proportions of furniture and how to determine the proportions of a piece of furniture. It explains how to determine what the height and width of a piece so it's pleasing to the eye. It talks about how to divide up the piece so you can determine the height and width of each part of the piece you are making. I then came to the point in the video that dealt with determining the overhang of the top. The narrator, George Walker, clearly explained how you determine what the overhang should be. I might not explain this as clearly as he did, but you take the width of you table top combined with the width of the molding underneath the top. When you combine this measurement it gives you your over hang.

This is just one example of the vast amount of information provided in this video. Even if you don't design your own furniture, you should still have this video. It will help you understand why one piece of furniture is more pleasing to the eye than another piece of furniture. It will further help to train you eye to understanding furniture.

I can't say enough about how valuable this video is for every woodworker. Another woodworker also reviewed this video giving it a 5 star rating.