Timberwolf - 1/2" 4tpi positive claw blade (Rating: 4)

Like many of us woodworkers, I had a love hate relationship with my bandsaw.

I bought a Jet 14 inch saw many years ago and quickly installed a riser block on it. I made the huge mistake of using the blade that came with it , as well as assuming the index pins on the block were set properly. After struggling with this setup for many years, I did some research and concluded I needed to tune this beast up. I did the whole co-planar thing(including filing the pins on the block to make that happen), as well as new cool blocks, and the new blade. Just to know for sure, I re-installed the old factory blade. Much better with the tune up alone. Now to try the new blade…...

WOW. Why did I wait so long. I now love this saw, and it's all due to this blade. I am now addicted to re-sawing and all the new possibilities it brings. This thing slices 3/4 inch hardwood or 8 inch firewood logs like butter with very little feed force. I knew I had been cheating myself by using cheap blades, but had no idea how much of a difference this premium blade would make. Granted, the surface of the filtches will certainly require some sanding,but my research assures me that that is pretty normal. The 1/2'' blade will only allow radii of about 2 1/2 '', but I wanted a bit of heft, so I could try some re-sawing as well. I paid just under $30 bucks, which seems to be right in the ball park for a premium 105'' blade

I am giving it only 4 of 5 stars, because I was a little disappointed in its directions on setting the saw up for the low tension that this blade requires. It could be a little more specific, and in this day and age it would be helpful if they put out a video of this technique. Besides that minor issue, I give this blade a rave review, and I will never go cheap on bandsaw blades again.

Man, lumber from the fire wood pile, what could be better.
Now to practice re-sawing and make some live edge shelves for the wife….HAPPY RE-SAWING