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Thinking of LEAVING LJ becasue of annoying advertisements

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wow. I can't believe how intrusive the ads are on the website. I've had to click no thanks about 2 dozen times in 20 minutes.

Is this making anyone else crazy?
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I use adblock and ghostery and I have no problem. To me it sounds like your machine might be infected with a malware, spyware, rootware … whateverware.
Nothing to click on for me to read LJs. Which browser are you using?
Adblock will make all your troubles go away. And not just on lumberjocks.

Are they Pop-Ups? I guess they must be if you have to keep clicking "No Thanks" just to get them out of your way. 2 Dozen Times in 20 Minutes is CRAZY! However. I don't think it's This Site that's forcing you to do so.

I don't use an Ad Blocker, but I Clean Out My Computer at Least Once A week. It MIGHT be some Cookies you've picked up on your travels.

I Very Occasionally get one from "Scorecard Research" I believe they are Affiliated with this Site.

The page below is after 4 Days browsing. It's ALL Cookies, times the number of sliders it would take you to get to the bottom of that page.

The Front Page, combining ALL of the JUNK you don't need or want, just before "Washing" states Entries To Be Washed: 20,657, Totaling: 423,935 KB. Their Name is on there (Eusing) if you want to Google it and give it a try. It's also FREE.

That's a LOT Of Poop You Don't need (Once A Day Is Good Though)! ....LOL..

Blue Rectangle Font Screenshot Operating system

Regards: Rick


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Mike! Did you leave already? 8-}
adblock in use here. No problems. I don't see those annoying ads.
OH MIKE!! 4 Days Now.
OH MIKE (Again) 10 days now. Even ONE Reply would be nice.

Last time you were on The Site was 8 Days Ago. I guess you did leave.

Thanks Rick. Great ideas. You're the man!
YEA! Mike's still here! I think your Problem has been cleared up! (I Hope)

Glad You Stuck around My Man! You contribute a Lot on here.

That's a "GOOD THING"!

Regards: Rick
Thanks, friends. It's not like I wanted to go…I REALLY enjoy the fellowship on this site, and then there are the awesome-skilled peoiple and projects. Inspires and humbles me.
I use my iPad and my phone for LJ and never have any ads pop up. I haven't set anything to prevent it either, so I was surprised to see your problem. Hopefully one of the fixes mentioned works for you. As said, even if you leave LJ you may have pop up problems with other sites.
Yes I agree - I had made the (incorrect) assumption that LJ had changed its advertising / pop-up policies.
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